Lariha House

Lariha House as a historical attraction in Yazd. The Lariha House consists of six houses with a special architecture of desert houses. Its doors, windows, Sash windows and mirrored and painted rooms are one of the most beautiful examples of aristocratic houses in 13th century of Solar Hijri calendar of the Qajar era. The complex is adjacent to the monuments such as the Ziayeh School or the Alexander's Prison and old tower and wall of Yazd.



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Yazd Lariha House (Yazd Historical Documents Museum)

The main components of this house are two large and small courtyards with a collection of porches, halls and rooms, as well as a Vestibule and portal.

Lariha House Antiquity

270 years ago, a group of merchants from Lar, Fars came to Yazd to organize their trade in this city and to settle down.

Haj Gholam-Hossein Molazinal, a descendant of that generation, built a house in Fahaadaan neighborhood in 1243 Solar year so that his children could live in it for generations. Today, the house is known as the Lariha House and is run by the Cultural Heritage.

Researching on the structure of Lariha house

In the architectural style of Yazd, maintaining the privacy of the family is considered as an important and necessary principle. The architects and builders of the original and historical buildings in this desert province have built them in such a way that no stranger can enter them without the permission of the landlord.

The building of Lariha House is built according to the general style of the aristocratic houses around it; that is a house with two inner and outer parts - the courtyard in the center and the aristocratic parts around the courtyard in four seasons.

The northern part was used in winter and the southern part in summer, which includes a hall and a windcatcher.

The eastern side, which includes the crypt mirrored room and other spaces, was used in autumn, and the western side was used as a terrace in spring.

The main courtyard of this house is large and detailed, and the porches, halls and rooms are located around it. This courtyard is built in a rectangular shape.

What catches the eye in the main courtyard is the large porch that leads to the long windcatcher of this house. Of course, this windcatcher is not the only one in the house, and the interior of this house is mostly cooled by smaller windcatchers that are located in the corners of the mansion.

Lariha House address

Lariha house is located on Imam Khomeini Street, Fahaadaan neighborhood, next to the pergola mansion (Kolah Farangi).