Darougheh House

Darougheh House as a historical attraction in Mashhad of Khorasan. The Darougheh Historical House as a Tourist Attraction is related to the Qajar period and is located in Mashhad, and this work has been recorded as one of the national works of Iran. This work was erected at the end of the Qajar period on the orders of Mashhad's dagger(Darougheh),Yousef Khan Herati, in an area of about 1,100m2. Mashhad's Darougheh(dagger) House is based in the traditional way of Iranian historical houses (three sides of construction), and its architectural elements, in particular the plan of two-way staircases and decoration, represent the modeling of Russian architectural designs.



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About Darougheh Historical House in the Mashhad

Maybe it can be said that the most different attraction you see in Mashhad is the historic house of the Darougheh. The building, which with its different appearance has made it one of the most beautiful Houses of Iran. Fortunately, on September 1, 2016, this house was announced on the list of thirteen UNESCO cultural heritage awards in the Asia-Pacific region due to the excellent restoration and protection of the cultural heritage.

Although the overall layout of this building is in accordance with the standards of traditional Iranian architecture, and in particular the Qajar architecture, but Russian architects have left remnants of their own taste. These memorabilia include most of the interior decoration, entrances, and columns. The gypsum arches, the wooden decoration and the special arrangement of the seven-tile tiles are derived from the Russian architecture, and although parts of it are subject to destruction, it remains the most beautiful details of the Iranian house architecture.

Different parts of the Darougheh Historical House

The house of the Darougheh consists of two parts: two living room sides, one side of the slave, the chamber, the first fireplace in Mashhad, the first private bath in Mashhad, two floors of the bakery, the kitchen, the winding rooms, the traditional drinking water pond.

Two courtyards in the winter and summer part

The Winter Part

In the winter part, all appliances of heat and water were constructed on the lower floor in order to keep the house warm, the fireplace and the specially designed bathroom of the building, the existence of a wall hearth and double glazed windows of the architectural wonders of this old building.

The Summer Part

In the summer part, the construction of winding rooms, the traditional flow of water and the fully-engineered architectural style, has drawn this style to the forefathers, showing how to use the energy of water, wind and sun, a great building At no cost.

Darougheh Historical Housein Mashhad Addresses:

Darougheh Alley,Coppersmith Passage, Navab Safavi Avenue, Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi